Street-Level Youth Media

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Artist Mentor (2001-2004)
Street-Level Youth Media educates Chicago’s urban youth in media arts and emerging technologies for use in self-expression, communication, and social change. Street-Level’s programs build critical thinking skills in youth who have been historically neglected by policy-makers and mass media. Using video and audio production, digital arts, and the Internet, Street-Level’s young people address community issues, access advanced communication technology, and gain inclusion in our information-based society.

As an artist mentor, I worked in 15 Chicago Public Schools (middle school and high school) and implemented arts-integrated curriculum in a variety of classrooms (including English, Mathematics, History, etc); worked with students in after-school programs to develop digital photography, video, and installation projects; trained over 50 teachers and educators on media technologies, and on how to build an arts-integrated curriculum for the classroom, through workshops and seminars; and coordinated quarterly screenings and exhibitions of youth-produced work at schools, community-based organizations and local galleries.