Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space

2010, Live Performance over Silent Projection, 11mins
Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space is a neo-benshi reworking of the ultra-patriotic Bollywood classic ‘Purab aur Paschim/East and West’. The patriotic narrative is morphed into a queer, high-camp, science fiction fantasy about a pod of sterilized male transvestites, sent off to the moon to shop and smoke in order to save the ailing economy of Earth. The neo-benshi form takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese benshi, where an individual would provide the voices for all the characters in a silent film. In the neo-benshi, writers/peformers pick a film/ scene from a film of their choice, strip it of its soundtrack, reimagine and rewrite the narrative, and perform the script live over the projected image.


Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley, CA), 2010
LitCrawl (San Francisco, CA), 2010
3rd i SF International South Asian Film Festival (San Francisco, CA), 2011
Open Space (Pune, India), 2012
Department of Radio/TV/Film, University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX), 2012
Wallfly (Goa, India), 2014
Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, CA), 2014
The New Talkies@ ATA (SF,CA), 2017 (copresented with the Poetry Center, SFSU)
The New Talkies @ Pro Arts (Oakland, CA), 2017