LRS: Larval Rock Stars


Ongoing, Multi-modal (including website, writing, performance/sound/video, etc). In collaboration with Praba Pilar.
Larval Rock Stars is a conceptual project at the intersections of the bio-techno-critical and the absurd. It is the segmented paramythology of the larvae of the post-human future – Pilarva and Larvaidya. “Behold the larva we hold between us – it is the formless, shapeless, and unknowable potential for new life on earth.” Born of prophesy, and precipitated by the hubris of man, LRS brings tidings of a new future – a post-human future, and offers movement from necrotic egocentrism to biotic ecocentrism.

2019 Larval Rock Stars co publication, Eco-Poetics for a Pluriverse in Transit co-written with Alex Wilson, Elin Már Øyen Vister, and mirko nikolić. In MAI: FEMINISM & VISUAL CULTURE, Issue 4: ‘Feminist New Materialist Practice – The Mattering of Methods,’ published May 21, 2019.

LRS is now in our second eclosion or emergence. Gleanings from our first eclosion can be found in the ruins of the following website:

Each eclosion is a metamorphosal stage in the unfolding of Pilarvaidya. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers to each other, we are kin of unknown origin crawling astride binary narratives of biology and (re)production. We are guided by the wisdom of the ‘question mark’; it is a conceptual measure of the infinite possibility of the unknown, and an embodied presence leading us towards our metamorphosal destiny at the edge of the sixth extinction.

Screenings and Performances

Larval Futures and The Pedagogy of the Pluriverse.
Live performance/presentation, as part of the series Unsettling the Present: FemiQueer Frames, presented in collaboration with Strike University in Prof. Fawzia Afzal-Khan’s Feminist Theory Open Classroom (Montclair State University).

?The Question Mark?
Single Channel Video for Perverse Pleasures: Queer Digital Shorts from South Asia and the Diaspora (Brown University, MA) and South Asia Studies Conference (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Arts, Ecologies & New Materialisms Microsymposium: “Facing the Inhuman”, Centre for Research and Education in Arts & Media, University of Westminster, London.

Eco-Poetics & Bioethics for a Pluriverse in Transit. Audio/Video/Collage/Performance with Alex Wilson, mirko nikolic and Elin Vister. 8th New Materialisms Conference. UNESCO, Paris, France; “The Second Nature” Riga, Latvia

The Larvalscene. Ambient Performance at Environmentalism Outside the Box: an Ecosex Symposium, University of California at Santa Cruz.

The Larval Sensorium. Live Performance at UC Science & Technology Studies Retreat, Headlands, CA.

Larval Pupation Station. Experimental Workshop at UC Science and Technology Studies Retreat, Headlands, California.

Behold the Larvalscene. Live Performance. 3rd Street Village Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Larval Emergence: Eco-Belligerence. Live Performance, Della Davidson Theatre, UC Davis.

Larval Rock Stars. Live Performance and Digital Prints, Emergent Ecologies exhibit, Studio 34, Butler College, Princeton University, New Jersey and Kilroy Gallery, Brooklyn.

Segmented Paramythologies. Performative Panel Presentation, Age of Catastrophe Symposium, Video Pool Media Arts Center. Winnipeg, Canada.