All That Flickers


The moving image has become a ubiquitous text in the last century, with its own particular language of representation. The LGBTQ presence on the Western screen has been well-documented and studied for a long time now; the cinema of the global South, similarly, has it own closet of on-screen queers, bursting at its seams. This course will conduct forays into American, European, Latin, African, Asian and Arab cinemas – and train students to recognize, compare and contrast, the historical, cultural, and aesthetic conventions with which to unearth ‘queerness’ in the moving image. The course will address both queer subject matter such as personal and political LGBTQ histories, representations of gender diversity on screen, representation of HIV/AIDS, and alliances with other marginal subjects (age, race, class, ability, ecology, etc) and queer genres and forms such as camp, horror, melodrama and science fiction, to arrive at the shores of contemporary cinema where queer subjects have now become mainstream.