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Queering the Sciences


Queering the Sciences is a series of 3 public talks (to be held in Spring 2016) that aims to bring cutting-edge scholarship in the humanities out of the classroom and to a general public. The talks will illuminate how science produces particular narratives around queer (or non-normative bodies) and how these biases have been corrected, and continue to be corrected, through scholarship in the humanities.

February 11: Let’s Talk About Intersex, Arisleyda Dilone
March 24: Radical Reproduction, Dr. Tricia Bogle
May 2: Queer Ecologies, Dr. Eben Kirksey

This project is funded through a grant from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. For more information, check out the website:

3rd i Films

Festival Co-Director, 3rd i’s SF International South Asian Film Festival (2008-present); Program Director: Year-round programs, 3rd i’s Green Eye, 3rd i’s Queer Eye (2009-2011); Co-programmed with Ivan Jaigirdar
From art-house classics to documentary films, from innovative and experimental visions to next-level Bollywood: 3rd i Films is committed to promoting diverse images of South Asians through independent film. We showcase films from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Afghanistan and the global South Asian Diaspora. (more…)

Other Species, Other Times: New Video Art From India

Still from Forerunner, Sahej Rahal

Curated by Lalitha Gopalan and Anuj Vaidya
In a reversal of exhibition practices, this program lines up single channel video art and installations in a repertory film space, and suggests novel ways of considering bodies in movement. These bodies are neither discrete nor constant; they challenge borders and boundaries, and prefer entanglements with other species and other kinds. Varied in their consideration of the digital and in their use of performance practices, the works are primarily by artists living in Mumbai, Goa and New Delhi. (more…)

Cruel Cinema: New Directions in Tamil Film

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 5.49.38 PM

Co-curated with Lalitha Gopalan
To the seasoned eye, the anointed Friday premieres of the latest blockbusters—with film-star fan clubs trucking in audiences to fill the theaters—are a routine phenomenon hardly worth reporting in Tamil Nadu, where cinema and politics have long been enmeshed in the public sphere. But those are not the films critics are writing about; rather it is the small-budget film with unknown actors, sizzling with artisanal energy. There are signs aplenty of a Tamil new wave well underway. As with the new waves before them, here, too, there are new directors on the marquee: Bala, Selvaraghavan, Sultan, Sasikumar, and Vasanthabalan. There is a new gang in town, in Chennai. (more…)