Category: Past Projects

Diane Sawyer Live: An Exclusive Interview with Miss Piggy

2013, Performance/Video, 11mins
Miss Piggy speaks with Diane Sawyer about her new celebrity cause – Ecology, her chance encounters with earth goddesses – Sita, Loowit, and Gaia – from different mythological traditions, and their gift of a human-powered energy solution for the production her upcoming directorial debut – Escape from Taxidermy.

Bad Girl With a Heart of Gold (performance)

(2011, film/performance/neo-benshi, 45mins)
The performative iteration of Bad Girl With a Heart of Gold finds the artist in conversation with his own film of the same name. The performance explores the genealogy of the Bollywood vamp – from her origins in the Jewish stars of early Indian cinema to the iconic roles of the anglo-Indian actress Helen in the 60s/70s, and her eventual death disappearance from cinema with the rise of television. The experimental narrative weaves many of her signature roles together to pose the question: Can Helen escape her perpetual death by Bollywood?

Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space

2010, Live Performance over Silent Projection, 11mins
Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space is a neo-benshi reworking of the ultra-patriotic Bollywood classic ‘Purab aur Paschim/East and West’. The patriotic narrative is morphed into a queer, high-camp, science fiction fantasy about a pod of sterilized male transvestites, sent off to the moon to shop and smoke in order to save the ailing economy of Earth.

The Techno-Buddhist is a Tourist (lecture)

(2004, Performative Lecture, with the collective Mrs. Rao’s Growl)
Using excerpts from the interactive performance piece The Techno-Buddhist is a Tourist, travel writing, Situationist texts and critical theory, this performative lecture investigates the relationship between power and language, clarifies our complicity in reinforcing structures of power though language, and attempts to redefine our relationship to social action.

Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold

2004, Color/Sound, DV, 52mins
Anyone who knows Bollywood knows Helen, the face that launched a thousand songs and died a thousand deaths. Throughout the sixties and seventies, she was the feline fatale, always favoring a blonde wig and vampy wardrobe, cat claws at the ready. But even her bad-girl brashness couldn’t save her from a cinema that demanded her death, time and time again. Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold is an experimental narrative that weaves four of Helen’s signature roles together in a dizzy feat of dislocation.


(2003-2004, Interactive Performance, 45mins, with the collective Mrs. Rao’s Growl)
LAUGH is a durational interactive public performance that attempts to move beyond the confines of language and into the space of psychic seepage. The performance takes the form of the children’s game, HA, where the performers lie on the ground forming a circle with their heads on each other stomachs and proceed to laugh. The performance lasts for an extended period of time (at least 45 minutes), pushing physical and emotional limits, turning laughter turns into tears.

The Techno-Buddhist is a Tourist

2004, Multi-media Performance, 60mins (with the collective Mrs. Rao’s Growl and Chi-Jan Yin)
The Techno-Buddhist is a Tourist is an interactive performance that explores our complicity in the appropriation of global culture, media representations and the hegemonic dynamics that govern global exchange. Through re-staging scenes from various films, the experience of a guided tour, and a game-like structure, we attempt to describe and dislodge these patterns of power while suggesting possibilities for resistant modalities.