Category: Past Projects

Diane Sawyer Live: An Exclusive Interview with Miss Piggy

2013, Performance/Video, 11mins
Miss Piggy speaks with Diane Sawyer about her new celebrity cause – Ecology, her chance encounters with earth goddesses – Sita, Loowit, and Gaia – from different mythological traditions, and their gift of a human-powered energy solution for the production her upcoming directorial debut – Escape from Taxidermy.

Bad Girl With a Heart of Gold (performance)

(2011, film/performance/neo-benshi, 45mins)
The performative iteration of Bad Girl With a Heart of Gold finds the artist in conversation with his own film of the same name. The performance explores the genealogy of the Bollywood vamp – from her origins in the Jewish stars of early Indian cinema to the iconic roles of the anglo-Indian actress Helen in the 60s/70s, and her eventual death disappearance from cinema with the rise of television. The experimental narrative weaves many of her signature roles together to pose the question: Can Helen escape her perpetual death by Bollywood?

Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space

2010, Live Performance over Silent Projection, 11mins
Aur Pacchim: Transvestites in Space is a neo-benshi reworking of the ultra-patriotic Bollywood classic ‘Purab aur Paschim/East and West’. The patriotic narrative is morphed into a queer, high-camp, science fiction fantasy about a pod of sterilized male transvestites, sent off to the moon to shop and smoke in order to save the ailing economy of Earth.